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Pet Puppy Tail & Dewclaw

Learn more about the pet puppy tail & dewclaw services we provide at Country View Veterinary Hospital below.

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Pet Puppy Tail & Dewclaw

A Puppy Sitting on Grass

Tail Docking

Surgical shortening of the tail can be performed in order to comply with breed standards (performed at 3-6 days of age). This is a routine veterinary surgery to improve the animal’s appearance. Tail docking might also be necessary to treat an injury or disease.


Dewclaws are the small nails located on the inside of the front paws and occasionally the rear paws. Since these claws do not touch the ground, they do not wear down. If not regularly trimmed, they may curl and or grow into the foot. The dewclaws are prone to injury because of their location. This procedure can be performed at 3 – 6 days of age, at the time of spay or castration, or at a later date if the pet is having repeated problems.